Calling system settings from an Android app - GPS example

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This tutorial shows how to redirect the user to a system settings screen asking to modify some settings the application depends on. We will make a specific example with GPS: The application can be used only if GPS is available.

The android systems GPS setting screen can be called just like any other Activities:

  1. startActivityForResult(new Intent(android.provider.Settings.ACTION_LOCATION_SOURCE_SETTINGS), 0);

To check GPS availability use the code code below: (the Activity must implement LocationListener)

How to set location on emulator

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emulatorYou have two options if you would like to set the location on the emulator. For both options, you start with starting the emulator first.

Option 1: using DDMS

  • go to your android/tools directory, and launch the DDMS tool
  • select the Emulator Control Tab
  • fill the Location Controls fields with the longitude and latitude values
  • press the Send button

Option 2: using telnet

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