Introducing the Android Emulator, managing Android Virtual Devices (AVD)

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The emulator available in the Android SDK is not just a tool that allows you to easily test applications without having to install it to a real device, or even having one. With the proper configuration it is possible to test situations which are hardly reproduced on a physical one.
After installing the android plugin and SDK in eclipse an icon is automatically placed on the toolbar to quickly access the Android SDK and AVD (Android Virtual Device) manager.

You can create multiple AVDs with different parameters:


How to set location on emulator

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emulatorYou have two options if you would like to set the location on the emulator. For both options, you start with starting the emulator first.

Option 1: using DDMS

  • go to your android/tools directory, and launch the DDMS tool
  • select the Emulator Control Tab
  • fill the Location Controls fields with the longitude and latitude values
  • press the Send button

Option 2: using telnet

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