Cities With the Best WiFi [with Infographic]

wifi coverage in the us

“Wi-Fi everywhere” may have seemed like an unlikely possibility several years ago, as outdoor and city-wide Wi-Fi networks were plagued by construction delays, shaky service and equipment that quickly became obsolete. But with the continued introduction of free Wi-Fi networks in businesses, such as coffee shops and restaurants, and large-scale public Wi-Fi access areas, it feels as if free Wi-Fi is … well, everywhere.

Open Garden Version 2.0 Delivers Faster, More Reliable and the Best Available Mobile Wireless Internet Connections

How many times have you been stuck with no Internet or a slow mobile connection? In the airport, at the pool, out to dinner, waiting for a meeting and even when on holiday we want Internet access. And we all know what it is like to sit down to surf the web, find there’s no cell coverage and see locked networks.

Nokia Claims Google’s Nexus 7 Infringes their WiFi Patents

nokia google

The newest patent infringement claim now comes from Nokia who claims that the Google Nexus 7 has infringed on their WiFi patents. This news comes to us from The Inquirer who state that the Nexus 7 is using WiFi patents owned by Nokia but aren’t licensed.

Control your Android phone over wifi from your desktop

For those who spend a lot of time looking at a computer, and can't be bothered to look at their phone very often, Sand Studio has introduced AirDroid, an app that allows users to control their Android Phone from a computer via WiFi.


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