5 Ways You Can Fight Off Malware on Your Android

Android phones have dominated the market share and with good reason too. The Android marketplace is brimming with apps and the interface is smooth and easy to use. The overall performance of the platform is the best there is to offer and just about everyone wants to get their hands on it, one way or the other. This also includes and hackers and malware professionals. These specific beings are the bane of anyone’s technological existence. From Android spyware to keyloggers and other nuisances, these professionals make it their business to get into you Android phones.

Of course, there are a number of security measures that one can take to reduce the risk and make sure that one’s Android stays safe from harm. This includes taking the following advice.

Mutating Trojans could pose a threat to Android users


From social networks to banks accounts, smartphones carry our most private and delicate information. For this very reason, security is one of the hottest topics in the Android ecosystem, andthe newest threat reported is marking the beginning of a new malicious era - mutating Trojans.

McAfee predicts more mobile attacks and fewer PC attacks in 2012


McAfee Labs is basically predicting that, for everything you worry about on your computer, you will now worry about on your mobile devices as well. Cybercrime, hacktivism, and threats to your mobile banking? Yep.

Vince Weaver, McAfee Labs' Sr. VP, says:

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