Ubuntu Touch OS version 1.0 Set to go Live on October 17

ubuntuIn the current war of OS's, we see a new OS every six month's interval, which is not very shocking either. We have seen some great team of developers, getting huge startups from big startup companies, and hence we are seeing more and more OS months after month. From MacOS to AndroidOS, the choice of OS is very large and never-ending. And, to heat up the competition, we saw earlier this year about plans of Ubuntu to move into mobile industry with their Ubuntu Touch OS. We have seen some of it's earlier build images running on Nexus range of devices and some other top-notch devices though they weren't stable enough.

Ubuntu for Phones performance update

A short video from the Ubuntu stand at CES has been posted showing a performance boost in the Ubuntu Phone OS. The clip posted by Mesq (Mika Meskanen, an Ubuntu interaction designer) shows another Ubuntu employee (Michael Frey) using two handsets, one with the new enhanced build, and another with the old build.

Ubuntu For Android demoed at FISL

ubuntu for androidUbuntu for Android was was recently demoed by Cannocial at the Fórum Internacional Software Livre (FISL) 13 event held in Porto Alegre, Brazil last week, here's a video:

[Video] Want to see Ubuntu for Android in action

ubuntuRichard Collins, the project manager for Ubuntu for Android has demonstrated the product running live on a Motorola Atrix 2. It runs really well, and it looks when it launches it’s going to be super-awesome.

Ubuntu For Android Looks To Make Your Smartphone Even Smarter, Bring A Full Desktop Experience To Multi-Core Handsets

ubuntuImagine carrying a full desktop computer in your pocket, a real desktop OS built in to your smartphone. Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, wants to make that happen. Soon.
Ubuntu for Android is something that we've only dreamed about up to this point - one device to rule them all, if you will. In your pocket, it's an Android-powered smartphone. Not just any smartphone, either - it's your smartphone. Pull it out and drop it in a docking station, though, and it becomes a full workstation powered by Ubuntu, complete with monitor and keyboard. Sounds incredible, right?

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