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10 Best Popular Funny Apps For Android Users

funAndroid smart phones can now replace the functions offered by most DSL internet providers, allowing users to go online, socialise with friends and get on with work while on the move. However, the Android Market has hundreds of thousands of applications, many of which are designed purely to give you a laugh. Here are 10 of the best Android applications that can help keep you smiling throughout the day.

SoundHound’s Top 10 Most ID’d Songs in 2011

shAs we welcome 2012 and all the fantastic new music it will bring, the guys at SoundHound thought they’d take a moment to reflect on the musical highlights of 2011—by compiling a list of the top 10 songs that you, their users, most frequently identified using SoundHound’s blazing fast music recognition. SoundHound users ID’d well over 1 billion songs in 2011! The most ID’d song was—drum roll, please—“Pumped Up Kicks,” by indie pop band Foster the People. This track alone was ID’d 1.25 million times in 2011.

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