How Businesses Will Use Text Messages in 2020

You can leverage text messages for lightning-fast internal communication as well as highly engaging marketing messages.

Employee workloads are expanding, and a shrinking segment of consumers pay attention to traditional advertising. You can, however, boost worker productivity and reach increasingly tech-savvy consumers by leveraging commercial text messaging.

A commercial chat service can provide your organization with beneficial features beyond text messaging. By choosing a top-notch service provider, you can enable employees to communicate with each other without missing a beat and capture the attention of consumers with increasingly diminishing attention spans.

Infographic - Evolution of mobile phones as marketing tools

We just recieved an awesome infographic about the evolution of mobile marketing. You can have a quick view on the timeline from 1798 (the first spam) to present days market boom. You can learn the history of texting, QR codes, and how text messages surpassed voice calls.

Texting and Driving Facts and Prevention through New Technology

No matter what anyone says, we all text and drive at least occasionally. When I grab my phone and send or receive a text I really don’t think too much about the effects that it has on my driving and still like to think it doesn’t. This being said there are many statistics to show that it is dangerous and even more with teens who already drive much more aggressively than most adults.

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