Tag Games 24 hour game developer challenge Live Stream


Our friends at TagGames are celebrating their 6th anniversary today.
To mark the occasion, they are hosting their annual 24hour Game Jam where teams battle it out to create the best game possible in only 24 hours. This year they are going even further than before however, because, in a world first for any mobile games studio, they will be airing a series of video podcasts alongside the usual live blogging of the event!
Each show will aim to open their doors to the world and offer the opportunity for fans and friends to get involved with the creative process.

‘moFlow’ - A Ground Breaking Social Mobile Games Engine for iOS and Android

taggamesTag Games today announced that it has used its ground-breaking ‘moFlow’ games engine technology to instantly convert the critically acclaimed iOS social game ‘Funpark Friends’ to the Android operating system.

The moFlow social mobile games engine, developed in parallel with ‘moMetrics’, a complete data analysis solution, and ‘moConnect’, a complete scalable server and player-account infrastructure solution, allows Tag Games to develop 2D and 3D player-to-player applications for iOS and Android devices simultaneously. One of the first of its kind, mo technology provides a multi-platform social mobile development package with support for web, Windows, Mac and other hand-held platforms in the works.

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