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Managing Your Android Device from PC is Now Easier: Get Started!

Android pc sync

With the burgeoning sales of Android devices worldwide, there is growing demand for a proper PC manager for your devices as we move into 2014. Unlike iTunes available for iOS, there isn’t any one-stop sync and backup solution as such for Android. Although, officially Android does not have a PC Suite-like desktop sync utility; a few third party vendors are offering some fairly decent applications that can help manage your Android device from your computer.

BitTorrent Sync App for Android launched in Beta

BitTorrent have released a beta of their Android app for syncing on their sync service. The main service went live as an alpha in April.

The technology is based on Peer-to-peer technology as we know the generic bittorrent network is built on top of. This offering is completely private and secured end-to-end, and most of the time your data will not even touch their servers as it will sync via your local network if possible.

Getting in Sync With Your PC: A Smartphone Owner's Guide

Do you take your clothes out of the dryer and put them right back in the washer? Vacuum the floor, then pour flour on it and vacuum it all over again? It doesn’t make sense to do things twice, and that’s why you need to get your smartphone and your PC in sync.

Sync Your Smartphone

Whether you’re using a PC or a Mac, it’s possible to sync your smartphone with the rest of your system. When you’re all synced up, it’s much easier to get work done, scan emails and share all your stuff with your friends on social media sites and business associates.

How To Sync Android Note with Gmail

There're lots of free and paid note taking apps for Android. Now we can easily sync our android phone note with the Gmail account totally free. Some of them are using their own cloud service some of them use local storage. GNotes is a free note taking app for android that can synchronize with GMail.

This is just like the SMS backup+ app. All your notes will be saved in the separate label on your Gmail account and skip the Inbox. Apart from that all the saved emails automatically mark as read. So no new notifications.

Samsung Brings iTunes and iOS Syncing to Galaxy Devices

1Samsung has partnered with developer Mushroom Media to announce an application called Easy Phone Sync to those that own Galaxy tablets and smartphones. Easy Phone Sync is an application to allow phones to transfer content from their PC’s via USB as well as importing music and media from iTunes as well as messages and contacts from iOS. The Easy Phone Sync app is free and available on the Google Play Android Market for Galaxy devices.

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