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Swiftkey Flow beta inches toward final release with new update

Swiftkey Flow moved on step closer to a final, official release today with the rollout of a new beta version of the keyboard app. As one might expect, the update includes even better predictability and easier changing or correction of previous words. Additionally, the new build also lets users “flow” in just about every text field imaginable.

SwiftKey Flow: Quick Hands On

When it comes to third-party keyboards Android has it pretty well covered, however, there are only a few that repeatedly get recommended over and over, SwiftKey being one of them.

SwiftKey have just released their first public beta of their new ‘Flow’ keyboard and we at Land Of Technology were lucky to have had some hands on time with it.

SwiftKey flow brings us everything we love about earlier SwiftKey keyboards but with one pretty impressive enhancement, Flow! ’Flow’ (as you might be able to tell from the name) gives you the ability to trace (or swipe) with your finger and type words. You might be thinking that other keyboards already allow you to do this, well you would be both wrong and right.

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