Google’s Upcoming Live Stream Event in NYC

Based on limited information from Google so far, the press have been invited to attend a live streaming “event” in New York on October 29th.

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Further Proof That The Entertainment Industry Is Stuck In Time: Hulu Reportedly To Require Paid TV Subscription

huluTo the more budget minded, services like Hulu are a godsend; for a fraction of the cost of Cable TV, you can get a large chunk of the content. The deal isn't great for everyone, though, since it cuts into cable providers and networks' huge profits (instead, they just get... normal profits). Clearly this is a serious problem, and it's been speculated that it's probably the main reason companies like Comcast have instituted bandwidth caps on their internet service - so as to curb enthusiasm for streaming services in favor of their own (more expensive) in-house offerings.

RootsTech 2012 Conference Scheldue And Live Stream

logoWe already informed you about the RootsTech 2012 conference, which kicks off this Thursday, February 2nd-4th in Salt Lake City, Utah. Now here's the scheldue according to Mountain Standard Time (MST), and it will be live streamed at

Netflix Android App Appears In The UK And Ireland

netflix logoDespite recent stumbles, Netflix has successfully managed to become the de facto video streaming service in the US, Canada, and Latin America and now it has set its sights on Europe by launching in the United Kingdom and Ireland. This also means that the highly rated Netflix Android app is now available to Android device owners in those same countries.

Super Bowl XLVI to be streamed live online, over NFL Mobile app

As if you needed another reason to keep your Android phone or tablet in the living room... Super Bowl XLVI, taking place February 5th 2012, will be streamed both online and on mobile phones for the first time, the NFL said Tuesday. Rather than a simple broadcast of the same stuff you'll find on television, the app will include additional camera angles, live stats, and highlights. Oh, and there will also be replays of the Super Bowl commercials.


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