Samsung Galaxy S5 Predicted Specifications by KGI

galaxy s5

KGI Research has predicted the Samsung Galaxy S5 specifications base on rumors that their will be two different models of the device released. One of the GS5′s will be a Global Standard version and the other a Prime Global version. Of course everything is just rumors floating about and a few leaks to verify some but should just the same be taken with a grain of salt. This being said the specs don’t seem to be that far off.

My first encounter with an Android (T-Mobile Pulse)

Recently I had a chance to try out my first Android device. It's called the "T-Mobile Pulse / Huawei U8220 ". Previously I tried an HTC Diamond, which was running on Windows Mobile, both platforms have a very nice UI.

At first, when the boot-up screen showed up, I thought to myself that these devices are just like PC-s from now on, rather than mobile-phones. Not to speak about those very high DPI values. It is also very comfortable and useful that you can rotate the mobile by 90 degrees both direction, the display is going to be rearranged. 

The Pulse has a version 1.5 of Android, and it features aGPS, 3.2mp camera, g-sensor, Wifi, etc...

About Andoid

just take a quick look at this chart...

android (blue) | windows mobile (red) | symbian (orange)


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