Siri hates the Brits?

siriYes I know this is non-Android. And, I am not one to normally link to, much less read Fox News, but this popped up in my Google+ stream and I had to tell someone!

It would seem that Siri, Apple’s all-in-one navigation system/web-searcher/calendar-reader/clothes-washing/coffee-making voice app, does not take a liking to anyone with an accent. It’s been well-known that Siri has struggled with accents, but after nearly two months Apple still hasn’t resolved the issue. As Fox News reports, you have to use the American version of a place or location on the map – “you can’t use the British version.”

Google’s Android Version of Siri in Project Majel


The fact that Google has had voice command applications before Siri was ever added to iOS has not changed the fact that people are intrigued by Apple’s Siri. With this in mind Google has started a project called “Project Majel” to leave Siri in the dust. Google’s Project Majel is named after Majel Roddenberry who was the voice of the Enterprise computer in Star Trek. Google expects their new virtual assistant to act like the Starship computer in a way that it will answer any question you have.

Google acquires Cleversense, coming to get Siri

Google has brought CleverSense, a company which has released an app called Alfred in to the Android Market.


The purchase of the company is Google’s attempt to begin to rival Siri, the assistant that is found on the iPhone 4s.

Samsung and Android still on top; Siri cries in disbelief

siriAccording to ComScore's latest numbers, Samsung and Android remain on top despite the release of the "revolutionary" iPhone 4S and its side-kick Siri. Samsung remains the top manufacturer, holding onto 25.5 percent of total mobile subscribers (a number that will surely increase once Verizon decides to release the Galaxy Nexus). The release of the iPhone 4S did manage to give Apple a 1.3 point change, but it wasn't enough to get them out of the number four spot.

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