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The Rise of Smart TV, aided by Android

Gone are the days when a television set was for only watching broadcast media and channels. Similar to the evolution in the mobile phone industry, things are changing rapidly for a TV as well. No longer a medium just for programmes; televisions offer much more now.

Smart TV focuses on the Internet TV, online interactive media, on-demand streaming and so much more. You can play games; watch videos on YouTube, surf the Internet, and all of this through your smart TV. In fact, traditional feature sets are now becoming obsolete with smart TV taking over the market rapidly. These features are also integrated in companion devices, such as set top boxes.

Always Innovating Announces The HDMI Dongle - An Itty Bitty Alternative To The Set-Top Box

thumbAlways Innovating, a company which "leverages the latest developments in open source technologies worldwide to create innovative products that solve real problems for consumers," will be debuting a new device at CES this year – the HDMI Dongle. The Dongle looks to replace the set-top box for those who aren't interested in buying a hefty (or more expensive) GoogleTV device.

AI's HDMI Dongle is essentially a complete system on a chip, and has some incredible specs for such a tiny device. Supposedly starting at just $79, the device comes with a Cortex-A9 processor (capable of 1GHz to 1.8GHz speeds, depending on configuration), between 256MB and 1GB RAM, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and NFC Connectivity, an accelerometer, and a bundled remote.

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