Lookout redesigns mobile web experience


Lookout has completely redesigned their mobile site, making it even easier than ever to manage your account and valuable Android devices. Realizing that most users will typically hunt down a lost device from another mobile phone or tablet, Lookout has simplified the website with a more clean and intuitive layout.

“Almost Every Android Device Is Malware Infected” says BT

BTJill Knesek, head of the global security practice at British Telecom (BT) said at the NetEvents Americas some comments which we hardly believe.

She said:

We analyzed more than 1,000 Android applications and found a third compromised with some form of active or dormant malware. Almost every device is compromised with some kind of malware, although often it’s not clear if that code is active or what it is doing

Which is a little hard to believe, and really pushes what BT’s idea of “malware” is, and where this metric has come from (if anywhere). It’s also good to know that Google and BT don’t have a good relationship, so it could just be chatter.

Dan Rosenberg's Presentation On Android Modding For The Security Practitioner Is A Must-Read

1While not everyone who owns an Android device roots, the Android modding community is at the very heart of everything we love about our little green buddy. Security researcher Dan Rosenberg recently gave a presentation where he elaborates on root and modding methods, as well as expounding on the security implications of modding Android phones.

Google Puts Prepaid Card Provisioning On Pause Following Wallet Security Scare

walletFollowing the discovery of two security exploits within Google Wallet, the Vice President of Google Wallet and Payments, Osama Bedier, released a statement reassuring readers that Google takes "concrete actions" to protect its users. The statement further indicated that, in response to Wallet's security scare, Google has put prepaid card provisioning on hold, at least until a permanent fix is issued (which should happen "soon").

Is iOS Security an Illusion?


Christy Wyatt a Motorola Mobility Executive spoke to journalists yesterday and the highlight of the discussion was iOS security. Wyatt claimed that iOS security is an illusion and that Apple doesn’t have the control but IT for the organization does.

McAfee predicts more mobile attacks and fewer PC attacks in 2012


McAfee Labs is basically predicting that, for everything you worry about on your computer, you will now worry about on your mobile devices as well. Cybercrime, hacktivism, and threats to your mobile banking? Yep.

Vince Weaver, McAfee Labs' Sr. VP, says:

22 apps kicked from Android Market over premium SMS toll fraud


Security Vulnerability In Many Android Phones

According to a group of computer scientists at North Carolina State University, a vulnerability exists within many Android devices that would allow hackers (or malicious apps) to bypass the permissions request process and tap into audio and location, wipe apps and data, or send unauthorized SMS messages, all without the user knowing.

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