Multiscreen World [Infographic]

Second screen

In today’s world, consumers don’t just watch television: they watch television while playing with their iPhones and catching up with the latest news on their iPads. It is becoming increasingly rare for one piece of media to be used exclusively without another by its side. In fact, most multi-screen users have been reported to consume at least 7 hours of screen media a day.

LG and Samsung Flexible Displays in Production

flexible display

LG and Samsung have both announced that they have flexible displays currently in production. Who will win in the new flexible display market? Well LG announced their flexible displays are in mass production and claim that they will be the “worlds first flexible OLED panel for smartphones”. Samsung responded to LG’s claims that they have already had flexible displays in production. Samsung also stated that their flexible displays will be released in a matter of a few days meaning that if true they will beat LG’s “G Flex” to the punch by about a month.

How to get advantage of your Android Jelly Bean Smartphone?

In the recent times the biggest Android OS updates is Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. Almost all Android Smartphones is running on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean version of the Android OS.


You can feel the next generation Smartphone experience with the latest features included in the OS. But do you know several of the best Jelly Bean features are not apparent still you can do awesome things through this operating system. Let's find some of the best features of it. Be with us, and take a giant leap into the mobile market. We will provide you tips and tricks that really helpful to get the most of your Smartphone.

A brief history of Android smartphone display resolutions

If you’ve been following Android news over the last few years then you’ve undoubtedly noticed the advances in hardware. Indeed, processors are getting faster and phones are getting lighter, but there’s another component that has evolved over time. We’re talking, of course, about the display sizes and resolutions.

Tactus Technology Demos A Prototype Android Touchscreen Display With Disappearing Physical Keys

tactusIf there's one downside to the proliferation of touchscreen technology, it's the lack of tactile feedback. Tactus is one of many companies that aims to alleviate this problem. This week, at SID 2012, the company demoed a product that offers disappearing physical touch keys. As seen in the demo video here, these buttons can raise on command and disappear when they're not needed. Which sounds like something out of science fiction.

The future of Android tablet home screens looks like this…

A new Kickstarter project aims to revolutionize the way Android tablets look and work for users.


Self Repairing Protectors by Toray Advanced Film


Self Repairing film after taking on 20,000 scratches. I know we need a video but we just don't have one.

Toray Advanced Film Co. LTD. announced that they have developed a “Self-cure Coat Film” that can repair small scratches within around 10 seconds. Till now Toray has only supplied a few applications like decorative films for laptops but plan to now hit the mobile device market. This means that your phone under normal use could resist scratched completely and look new forever. Toray Advanced Film had a few things to say about the innovative self repairing film.

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