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Hpstr wallpaper just hit the Play Store

hpstr app

A new live wallpaper just appeared in the Play Store called HPSTR. As the name states, the app is about the so-called 'hipster wallpapers' - heavily filtered inspirational images with an overlapping shape. The extra twist is that while the home screen is scrolling, both the image and the filter are moving parallel to the pages, thus giving a sense of motion.

Nexus 7 Play Store credit


If you are one of the many people that have snapped up Google’s Nexus 7 tablet, you’re probably aware that as well as selling the device for a very reasonable price, Google are including a 25 USD / 15 GBP Play Store credit when you log in with your Google account.

Nexus Available From the Play Store


So a couple of days ago the Galaxy Nexus was removed from the Play Store following on from one of Apple’s many injunctions they have taken out recently. However from today the flagship Android phone is now once again available from the Play Store. Although the device can be purchased from the store the device won’t ship for 2-3 weeks.

Galaxy Nexus Pulled From Play Store, Google Confirms Why

galaxy nexus

If anyone tries buying a Google Galaxy Nexus from the Play Store today they will be met with the “coming soon” message displayed above. Google have explained why!

Galaxy Nexus no longer available in US play store


The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is no longer available for sale in the US Google Play store following the preliminary injunction raising by Apple and the rejection of Samsung’s appeal to delay the ban.

[Download] Jelly Bean Play Store

Among the myriad of announcements made during yesterdays keynote, there was the announcement of magazines and the ability to rent and purchase TV shows as well as movies in the Play Store. These were obviously much needed improvements if Google wants to actually make some money of off its zero percent profit Nexus 7.

Total Commander For Android v1.0 And All Its Plugins Finally Enter The Play Store

total commanderTotal Commander, which only graduated to the "final" status yesterday, made it all the way to the Play Store today, along with all three of its plugins: FTP, LAN, and WebDAV. This event concluded the saga that started back in July of last year when the very first preview release was unveiled by Christian Ghisler, the author of the wildly popular application for Windows.

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