Who is more social? (Android vs. iOS)

android vs, a mobile monetization and distribution platform released a really interesting infographic. It is a comparison of the sociability aspects between the Android operating system and iOS. Lets see:

Official Pinterest App Available on Google Play Store

pinterest appPinterest has finally released an official Android app. Pinterest is a very popular social network that has grown faster than any social platform in history and has finally joined the world of mobile apps. They have started to show off their mobile platform on Android and IOS. Pinterest relies on its users to pin items for their friends to share likes and dislikes in the form of a picture and small description. The mobile app has been long awaited and many have been impatiently waiting for quit some time.

The official Pinterest app for Android looks a lot like the Pinterest website and has been laid out very well for mobile devices. You can view your tiled homepage with all of your friends pins. A few of the features that you will notice is the fact that you can search for items you would like to pin, friends items to re-pin and comment on pins. A few other items you might be interested to hear is in the app is the ability to search for friends to follow.

Pinterest For Android Will Probably Be Announced At Google I/O

pinterestPinterest, everybody's favorite...umm...thing. That you share stuff on. By pinning things to...okay, look I don't really understand Pinterest. But some of you guys do and that's great! I love it when people enjoy things! It makes them happy! And soon, you can enjoy Pinterest on Android! And be happy! Then you can pin your happiness to something. I think.

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