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How Virtual Phone Numbers Benefit Your Business

Small business owners can easily access enterprise-grade phone features by securing a cost-effective virtual phone number.

A virtual phone number is a valuable tool for business call management. It works the same as a regular landline. However, a virtual number operates over a broadband internet connection.

A virtual phone number is much more flexible than a standard business phone number. When your business grows, you can easily add more virtual phone numbers as needed. By securing a virtual phone number for your business, you can give your brand a polished image while at the same time gaining access to an abundance of professional features.

How to Make Phone Calls on your Nexus 7 or other Android Tablet

nexus 7You can now make outgoing and receive incoming phone calls with your Nexus 7, or any other Android tablet, using your Google Voice number. Keep in mind that both methods of turning your Android tablet into a phone require root access in order to make the changes to the required files. Also both methods will trick your Nexus 7 or other Android tablet into thinking it is voice capable and allows the voice dialer app to work as a normal phone through Google Voice.

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