Ubuntu for Phones performance update

A short video from the Ubuntu stand at CES has been posted showing a performance boost in the Ubuntu Phone OS. The clip posted by Mesq (Mika Meskanen, an Ubuntu interaction designer) shows another Ubuntu employee (Michael Frey) using two handsets, one with the new enhanced build, and another with the old build.

Photos of rumored HTC phablet leaked, headed to Verizon?

htc phablet

We’ve been hearing for some time that HTC might be cooking up a Galaxy Note 2 competitor, and now more details are trickling in via some leaked photos. Sadly, we haven’t heard anything in the realm of specs for the device, but the black and red accents could mean that this bad boy is coming to Verizon. This would line up with that leaked Verizon roadmap from a few months back.

ASUS Details Padfone Specs, Crams A Snapdragon S4 Inside Your Phone, Inside Your Tablet

padfoneASUS has barely been able to contain its excitement for its Padfone device(s?). Finally, though, we get some more details about what the phone/tablet set will be packing. The former is sporting a a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 (it's unclear what model at this time) and 1GB of RAM, underneath a 4.3" 960x540 Super AMOLED screen. Much like Motorola's line of lapdocks, the SoC of the phone will power the tablet while docked.

Root Pretty Much All Phones in 4 Easy Steps

rootWe all love a rooted phone right? Sometimes the rooting it strikes the fear of god into some and when they see some of the instructions they simply panic and decide “sod that!”. Thanks to the team over at UnlockRoot you can now root your handset in just 3 simple steps.

After some digging i found that unlockroot indeed uses code of burritoroot 1.0.0 application,which is a closed source.Only the code to root kindlefire is closed source in UNLOCKROOT,till the author of unlockroot updates the version,this post is striked off .Also there have been reports at twitter that the application has been detected as a malware by f-secure antivirus.

Intel demos Android devices on eve of CES 2012

Intel has begun showing off reference models of phones and tablets ahead of the annual event.


Ask someone to name a microprocessor back in the late 90's and early 2000's and you'd likely hear Intel and then maybe AMD. Jump ahead a decade and now the names that roll off of tongues are Qualcomm, NVIDIA, and Texas Instruments. Why? Simply put, we're more mobile today than ever before and Intel just hasn't figured into the smartphone game. Until now.

Oracle Claims Android Is Stealing Java's "Traditionally Strong" Phone, TV, And Tablet Market Share - Really, Guys?

oracleIn a court filing last night demanding an early trial date for the ongoing Google v. Oracle patent litigation, Oracle claims that Android is now irreparably harming Java's market share in the mobile, TV, and tablet space. Oracle says that these are areas where Java "has traditionally been strong." News to us.

Last time I checked, cheap multimedia flip phones running Opera Mobile weren't exactly high on Google's target product list for Android, but maybe I missed the memo on that one. Also, please direct me to these Java-powered TVs and tablets, Oracle - the Amazon Kindle is not a tablet, it's an eReader. And tru2way, Sun's attempt at Java-powered set top boxes, was dead long before Android came around. Not that Google TV is exactly taking off, either.

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