Android PDK + Jelly Bean

1The latest news that Google has announced in its Android Platform Development Kit (PDK) is too true to believe for Android lovers, whose patience have been tested for quite some time due to the slow Android updates on the Android-based phones. However, the fact is that Google has taken the right step at the right time. Along with the announcement of PDK, Google has also said that the PDK will be available to the hardware manufacturers and partners months in advance, before the launch of next major Android update.

Google Releasing Platform Developer Kit To Manufacturers Before Major New Android Versions - Are Speedier Updates On The Way?

1Android has become somewhat infamous for slow (almost unbearably so) updates for users of pretty much any non-Nexus device. In fact, when Jelly Bean was announced earlier yesterday, the first thought on some users' minds was that their handsets haven't even tasted Ice Cream Sandwich yet.

Google is well aware of this issue, though - last year, it made an attempt (albeit a feeble one) to solve the problem with the Android Alliance. I think we all know how that turned out.


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