Managing Your Android Device from PC is Now Easier: Get Started!

Android pc sync

With the burgeoning sales of Android devices worldwide, there is growing demand for a proper PC manager for your devices as we move into 2014. Unlike iTunes available for iOS, there isn’t any one-stop sync and backup solution as such for Android. Although, officially Android does not have a PC Suite-like desktop sync utility; a few third party vendors are offering some fairly decent applications that can help manage your Android device from your computer.

Gooseberry Becomes Raspberry Pi’s Rival


Just like that Raspberry Pi has become a thing of the past with this new beast, the Gooseberry. While I admit the name sounds stupid it does not portray the product.

Android Based PC for $50


Right off the back of the very successful Raspberry Pi that officially launched earlier in the year, another manufacturer has announced they too will be entering the extreme low budget PC market.

ASUS partners with BlueStacks to Bring Android Apps to Millions of PCs Worldwide

1Remember a few days ago when ASUS got everyone's hopes up with teaser videos that began excited rumor-churn about a possible dual-booting Android/Windows 8 tablet? Well, it turns out that the videos in question were meant to tease a new partnership ASUS has formed with BlueStacks, creators of the renowned BlueStacks App Player.

Set to be announced at Computex tomorrow, the partnership will see BlueStacks software integrated with 30 million ASUS-branded Zenbooks, Notebooks, Eee PCs, Desktops, and All-in-one PCs, under the name asus@vibe.

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