Judge denies Samsung’s motion to halt Apple patent damages

apple vs samsung

Samsung tried to postpone Apple patent damages trial to wait on the Patent Office to examine an important patent’s validity. Last year a jury found that Samsung had violated five patents held by Apple for their iPhone’s design and functions. The judge over the case found in favor of Apple in the amount of around $450 million but later ordered a new trial to reassess damages. There was a previous trial that already awarded Apple $600 million to be paid by Samsung and now have to decide how much more they will add to the total.

Microsoft receiving $2 Billion in profit from Android every year


Microsoft’s profit from the smartphone industry should be coming from the Windows Phone platform, or so we thought. Business Insider has obtained information from Nomura analyst Rick Sherlund, who claims that patent royalties on the Android market made by Microsoft brings a massive $2 Billion profit. An estimated 95% of of revenue is in Microsoft’s gain, which is nearly all of the profit earned from Microsoft’s patent royalties.

Google patents tip shearing, sliding, and squeezing for future smartphones

patent pic1Recently discovered patents suggest that Google may be looking to make it easier for users to operate smartphones with only one hand. The patents, which were filed in Q2 2012, have Google turning to shearing, squeezing, and sliding for gestures and controls.

Given that smartphones are now pushing into 5-inches and larger we should expect that someone steps up to make it easier for users to get a handle on things. After all, what good is pull to refresh and one-tap updates if you’re still using two hands. Seems a little wasted, no?

Infographic: Apple vs. The World

The battle between Apple and its mobile competitors over patent rights feels as if it has been going on as long as a real war. With millions of dollars being thrown at industry groups and lawyers, Apple is trying to halt the development of several types of Android based mobile devices.

However, all these lawsuits still haven't slowed the growth of Android as a popular OS, evidenced recently by the success of the T-Mobile free cell phones campaign, which only featured Android devices. The growth of Android has Apple looking for any edge they can get on the competition, even in the courtroom.

HTC might get the iPhone and iPad banned in the US?

htcApple is gearing up to launch the next “not-so-revolutionary” device known as iPhone 5 in the upcoming days, and we know that Apple is not in a good relationship with Samsung and HTC. Well, after all the “lawsuit-games” played by Apple, it’s time for Apple to taste their own medicine.

According to a US judge, Apple may have trouble invalidating two patents held by HTC, related to data transmission. Actually the patents are critical to 4G LTE technology, and it could lead to a ban on the new iPad and the iPhone.

HTC beats Apple in patent dispute for swipe to unlock in London court


A High court in the U.K. has made it official: HTC's "swipe to unlock" feature does not, in fact, impede on any Apple patents. To add to the mix, the court said that the other three complaints lodged by Apple were invalid as well. These were the patents in question:

Nokia Claims Google’s Nexus 7 Infringes their WiFi Patents

nokia google

The newest patent infringement claim now comes from Nokia who claims that the Google Nexus 7 has infringed on their WiFi patents. This news comes to us from The Inquirer who state that the Nexus 7 is using WiFi patents owned by Nokia but aren’t licensed.

Galaxy Nexus no longer available in US play store


The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is no longer available for sale in the US Google Play store following the preliminary injunction raising by Apple and the rejection of Samsung’s appeal to delay the ban.



On Friday a U.S. district judge granted Apple a preliminary injunction against one of the devices handed out at the Google I/O conference, Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus phone. The injunction alleged that the device infringed on several of its patents, and will prevent it from being sold in stores in the U.S. Last week an injunction was also granted preventing sale of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.

All injunctions in Apple vs Motorola patent war thrown out


Judge Posner, the judge presiding over the cases of Apple vs Motorola and their patent war, has gotten fed up. The entire case, consisting of 4 alleged patent infringements against Motorola Mobility, has been thrown out of the courts. This is after the previously requested jury trial was tentatively dismissed a couple of weeks ago. The whole thing began 2 years ago (well before the Google / Moto merger), and is finally tucking and rolling off the bandwagon.

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