Are Smartphones the New Credit Card? Where e-Commerce is Heading

While it may seem a little early to be talking about a smartphone as a form of currency, the reality is that new uses are being found for these devices every single day. As the user base of mobile phones increases, so do the number of apps aimed at this young and burgeoning market. It is now estimated that half of all American adults now own a smartphone.

In some cities, you can actually use your phone to purchase train or bus tickets on the go, showing your digital ticket stub to the driver as proof of payment. If you didn’t think that a mobile device could become as good as money, perhaps it’s time to rethink the usefulness of this popular technology. After all, we’re not just talking about some toy, we’re talking about a…

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How to Program and Use Samsung TecTiles

tectilesTecTiles are small programmable NFC(Near Field Communication) tags that can be read using the NFC technology on your Samsung device through an application that can be found on the Google Play store. The main function of a TecTile is to program it to complete tasks on your device like turning on your Bluetooth, Wifi, or opening certain applications by simply touching your device to the tag.

Some TecTiles can be accessed simply by using the NFC technology on your enabled device although some require that you use the free application on the Android Market. If for any reason you set you phone on a TecTile and it cannot read it and complete the action it will let you know that the application is needed.

Samsung Introduces TecTiles: NFC Tags You Can Program With Your NFC-Enabled Smartphone

1NFC is one of those odd features that everybody wants in their phone, but few people are sure how they'll use it yet. Payments systems are slow to catch on and Beam functionality requires a friend with an NFC phone and a need to share data that isn't easier to share via the internet. Samsung, who is quick to note it has the largest NFC-enabled userbase, aims to change that with TecTiles: NFC tags that you can program to perform tasks when you place your phone near them.

What Is Isis, And Why Should You Care It's Now Partnered With A Bunch Of Payment Companies? Because It's Out To Kill Google Wallet

isisMobile payment providers. Yeah, I'm already getting a little sleepy thinking about them, too. Let's face it, they're not the most exciting topic in the world, but whenever we talk about how people spend their money, you know there are lots of companies out there eagerly eying the potential of various new payment technologies with great interest. Among such companies are cell phone carriers, and the reason why should be obvious: smartphones with NFC are ideal platforms for next-generation payment systems.

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