LG "Heavily In Discussions" With Google To Manufacture A Nexus Device

lg_googleBringing a taste of truth to age-old rumblings of an LG Nexus device, the head of LG's Smartphone division, Ramchan Woo, has stated (in an interview with Cnet) that the manufacturer is "heavily in discussions" over a possible Nexus device, adding "we're working on it."

While this quote is compelling, Cnet rightly highlights a few sticking points in the deal.
On one hand, while there is no evidence that Google will give Motorola preferential treatment following its acquisition, concerns have manifested, and partnering with any manufacturer (why not LG?) would quash any rumblings.


The Official Google Branded Nexus Tablet?

The Google Nexus phones have been the “pure Google” Android experience for Android fans always running the current Google Android OS. Currently if your looking for the same experience in an Android tablet you have only one choice and thats the Motorola Xoom. Google Chairman Eric Schmidt said to an Italian newspaper that the company plans to release some better competition to the iPad.

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