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Why Don’t Nexus Devices have SD card Slots?


With the recent release of ASUS’s Google Nexus 7 many people are asking why Nexus devices don’t have expandable storage. Many people have theories about the lack of an SD card slot on the popular devices which was really never a huge issue until the Nexus 7. Many people think that its Google’s way of forcing its cloud services like Google Music and Google Drive on people although we can tell you thats not the case.

Google Nexus 7 Tablet Leaked In Internal Training Document, 8GB To Cost $199 And 16GB To Cost $249

nexus tabletGoogle I/O is coming and we already expect a bevy of Android related announcements. Furthermore, rumours of a Google-branded Android tablet have been swirling around for some time now, and last month a benchmark report indicated that the 7-inch tablet would be manufactured by Asus.

According to a leaked internal training document, recently uncovered by Gizmoda Australia, the Google tablet will indeed be manufactured by Asus and will feature the following specs:

600,000 Google Nexus tablets to ship in June, report indicates

New details suggest that Google anticipates 2 million sales of their forthcoming Nexus tablet in 2012.


New details stemming from DigiTimes indicate that the much-ballyhooed Google Nexus tablet will ship in June with an initial volume of 600,000 units per month. Expected to be co-designed and developed by ASUS, the tablet may take the stage at Google IO on June 27th.

Google CEO Larry Page Indirectly Confirms Nexus Tablet

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Google CEO Larry Page never came out and said that Google is working on a cheap Nexus tablet but today they all but confirmed it in their earnings report when he said this:

Rumour: Google To Launch 7-Inch Nexus Tablet In Late Q1 2012

esLate last year Google chairman Eric Schmidt commented to an Italian newspaper that "in the next six months [Google planned] to market a tablet of the highest quality". His statement generated much speculation primarily over whether Google planned on releasing a self-branded "Nexus" tablet or whether they would merely partner with a device manufacturer, such as Motorola, Samsung, or HTC.

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