Samsung smartphones could see 560ppi resolution in 2014

samsung display

Samsung’s next-generation smartphones could employ a ridiculous 2560 x 1440 resolution display, according to new details surfacing this week.

Samsung’s second annual Analyst Day event has yielded some outlines for the future of the company’s smartphone plans, including display resolutions, camera sensors, and processors.

Save a life, buy an app


Rest in peace to the bad guys, or, if you’re too cheap to support a developer by paying for their application, the good guys. The United States Department of Justice has gone on a killing spree, crushing three of the best-known websites and markets for Android piracy.

Android – Now THE platform to develop for?


It always seems in the past Android has always had a bum deal with a large number of very popular applications coming out on iPhone first or never for android. The last week sees the release to the Google Play Store of two of what are possibly very big (in popularity) apps which before now were only available for the iPhone – Temple Run and Instagram! Is Android becoming the platform to develop for? I think so, and so do androidandme. Read more here.

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