Chili or Mango - The first interactive series for smartphone

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Hi Helloandroid readers! We are really excited to announce our latest work. We made the first ever interactive series specially for smartphones.

First there was a Hungarian startup with a great idea. They decided to make the most innovative experience in the world of series. They created the scripts, shot the episodes, and found a developer company with great experience in both Android and iOS development. Yep, that was Attrecto Smartphone Solutions, the guys behind

Movietrap, a new app to manage your watchlist

We just recived some awesome news from a digital agency, Aprilred. They developed a really useful app for people who watch a lot of movies. With this app anybody can manage their watchlist, easily mark movies seen, or share it with their friends.
They will release the app on May 31, but every subscriber will bring the release date 20 secs closer. So head over to the Movietrap website and sign up for it, I want to download the app as soon as possible :)

The Android Market Is Now Google Play - Integrating Apps, Games, Books, Music, And Movies

google_playGoodbye, Android Market, hello, Google Play. Just moments ago, Google let loose the re-branded Android content hub. What's new? Actually, not all that much (yet).
The change in name is largely an exercise in product consolidation. Google Books, Google Music, Google Movies, and the Android Market are all now under the "Google Play" banner, in an attempt to bring all of Google's content services to one place.

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[Press] Fandango Offers Android Users Mobile Payments via PayPal

fandangoLOS ANGELES AND SAN JOSE, CALIF. – Dec. 21, 2011 – Just in time for the holidays, Fandango announced today that moviegoers now have the option of using PayPal when purchasing movie tickets through its iPhone and Android showtimes and ticketing apps.

“We first offered PayPal as a payment option on the Web, and we’re now pleased to extend it to mobile,” says Rick Butler, Fandango Executive Vice President and General Manager. “More than 20 percent of Fandango’s ticket sales come from mobile devices and, PayPal will offer an additional safe, easy and fast payment method for our moviegoers on the go.”

Google introduces faster movie search for Android devices


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