It's Time To Stop Complaining Because Your Smartphone Isn't "Revolutionary"

1The last few years have been really exciting. Heck, the whole last decade. The explosive proliferation of broadband brought about a whole new world of possibilities for mankind, and the mobile revolution, even moreso. From about 2007 to the present, we watched as Apple and Google, as well as a host of phone manufacturers, turned the world upside down by putting powerful, location-aware, internet-connected, touchscreen mini-computers in the hands of everyday consumers for a price that is relatively affordable.

Google considering selling Motorola handset division to Huawei, rumors indicate

motorolaIt has been better part of a year since Google announced its intent to acquire Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion. While we're still waiting for various governmental departments to officially approve the purchase, rumors have circulated as to what Google plans to do with the division. Did Google pick them up just to rope in a ton of (17,000!) patents and protection? Will they continue to let Motorola operate as a separate entity? Would they consider selling off to another hardware maker in the end? The answers to these questions are a little bit of 'yes'on all fronts.

Apple Trying To Make Bank Off Of Samsung And Motorola, Wants Them To Pay $5-15 For Each Android Handset Sold

appleSo here's a twist: instead of Apple just continuously suing Samsung and Motorola over patent violations, the Cupertino company is now ready to negotiate terms that would end several of its ongoing suits with the aforementioned companies. The deal in question? Samsung and Motorola pay Apple between $5 and $15 for each Android handset sold.

Is iOS Security an Illusion?


Christy Wyatt a Motorola Mobility Executive spoke to journalists yesterday and the highlight of the discussion was iOS security. Wyatt claimed that iOS security is an illusion and that Apple doesn’t have the control but IT for the organization does.

Limited Edition Motorola Defy+ JCB

The new, rugged Motorola Defy+ JCB edition has just been announced, giving the accident prone and adventurous something new to stuff in their pockets.

The Motorola Defy+ JCB has been built with the help of the company from which it gets a third of its name and as anyone will know the JCB brand is usually encountered on building sites and farms, not on smartphones.


Motorola's Xoom Update Is Ice Cream Sandwich – Rolling Out To "Some Thousands Of Xoom Wi-Fi Owners" Now

xoomWell, it's official - the "project" Xoom owners have been waiting for is an update to Ice Cream Sandwich, meant as a soak test, expected to last through the weekend. Moto has begun pushing the new software as of 9pm PST. An anonymous tipster has provided us with shots of a private section of Motorola's official XOOM support forum, which confirm that the update is going live to those lucky enough to join the test group.

Motorola to make less devices, carriers want custom UIs

Whilst at CES, The Verge had a session with Motorola CEO, Sanjay Jha, who had many points to say. Some of these are pretty strange.


Motorola And Intel Enter Into Strategic Mobile Device Partnership, First Devices Shipping This Summer Or Fall

motintWow - Motorola's Sanjay Jha and Intel just announced that the two companies have entered into a strategic partnership to combine forces to deliver new Medfield-based mobile devices to the US market, with actual devices finalized by this summer, and availability shortly thereafter (subject to carrier approval). This is probably the most exciting thing we've heard all day.

Motorola Announces Wireless Charging

motoMotorola has been a super power at CES events in the past and this year at CES 2012 will be no different. Last year they wowed us with the Motorola Atrix and the truly Android Motorola Xoom. This year Motorola is supposed to announce their new wireless charging capabilities for mobile devices.
We don’t have much information on how it will work or if its a new protocol developed by Motorola or if they are partnered with someone else with an existing one. We also don’t have any idea what devices this will work with but can promise more information as the announcement is made.

Update now rolling out for Droid RAZR, comes complete with major bugfixes

razrWho doesn't hate software bugs? I do, you do, and Motorola does. The solution? Updates!

Moto is now starting to roll out Software Version 6.11.748.XT912, and here's the bug squashing we'll see:

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