3 Ways to Give Added Value to Your Mobile Storefront

How many people do you know who don’t have a mobile device of some sort? There are few people walking around these days without a cell phone, a tablet or netbook, and this is a market you will find extremely lucrative if you learn how to add value to your storefront – your digital storefront, that is! Although you have made every effort to build a responsive website that can be viewed well on those small screens, you still aren’t seeing the revenue you had envisioned from the mobile market. You might want to look at the following 3 ways to give added value to your mobile storefront to see if this doesn’t boost sales in a major way.

Adobe Creative Cloud for Teams

adobe creative cloud

Adobe’s new service offers cloud based solutions especially for groups from small agencies to large organizations. Customers can reach the latest, always current versions of Adobe’s state-of-the-art desktop apps and services, tools like Photoshop, Illustrator and as well as the new HTML5 tools like Muse and Edge.

Glider Gloves Urban review

glider gloves

At First Glance

The Glider Gloves Urban Series are ‘real’ touchscreen gloves. When we say real, we mean it, real touchscreen gloves that respond to your every touch, just like your hands would naturally. The Urban series is really great and provides what you need most out of touchscreen gloves. I tested these with my Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7″, various HTC, LG, Apple Devices, and more, with the same results, these touch screen gloves are great. Please note that according to Samsung Mobile Electronics, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is compatible with normal winter gloves.

[Infographics]How Mobile Applications Addressing Education Needs?

The adoption of smartphones and tablet devices is at an all- time high. The education sector has not lagged behind in this aspect. Mobility opens new opportunities for students and teachers to improve learning and enhance outcomes. Teachers prefer to use mobile devices as it contributes to an enhanced learning experience and improves the understanding of concepts. It is also found that mobility plays a vital role in improving students’ performance on subjects like Math and Science.

Describing How Different Industries have Capitalized Big Data

There is a lot of hype around Big Data. In such a scenario, every business needs an absolute solution to capitalize Big Data as almost all industries are generating a huge amount of data (i.e. known as Big Data).

To many of us, Big Data is still a bit of a mystery. Therefore, it’s important to know how you can put big data to work at your organization. Big Data is literally changing the way companies function and almost all industries have leveraged Big Data. Everybody talks about Big Data, but its impact can be elusive. This infographic illustrates how the necessity of Big Data has increased with the passage of time and how different industries have been benefited with the proper archiving of data.

Check out Infographic of Big Data at Work to know more:

Top 11 Android Mobile Apps for Healthcare Professionals


Going by the latest survey, the burgeoning number of smartphones sales across the globe gives you a clear impression that it is no longer a luxury to own a smartphone, as it is all set to be an integral part of our lives and everything related to it including healthcare.

We all are aware about the crucial role mobile applications play in streamlining the everyday activities and making every tools available at our fingertips. Mobile application for doctors and those related to the healthcare sector can be a big boon as it will help resource useful information from medical journals and textbooks, to revolutionizing the way health care is bestowed and the approach in which ailments and diseases are diagnosed.

The Mobile Advertising Networks Market Map [Infographic]

The mobile advertising market is exploding, new mobile ad networks are popping up every month and new types of mobile marketing formats are being developed all the time. Our friends at mobyaffiliate have counted over 150 mobile ad networks globally!!

They’ve developed a map of the mobile advertising network space which we think is more up to date and more detailed than anything we’ve seen so far. If you think they’ve missed one then get in touch.

Daily Steals Android Mobile Discount App

daily stealsDaily Steals is currently the best daily discount website to date with everything from Android phones and tablets to bed linens and toys. There has not been an easy way to view all of the deals available each day from your Android device until now. There have been other apps available to see Daily Steals although they seem to only work for a short time. Keep in mind that this app is an un-official Daily Steals app and is not released by Daily Steals.

Transparent Jeans for easy mobile usage

Yes, I kid you not. Transparent jeans. When you don’t want to go to the trouble of pulling out your favorite plaything, you need a pair of Delta415 Wearcom jeans. They’re not completely transparent of course, but they do have a transparent pocket that allows access to your touchscreen phone without removing it. Your handset can be covered with a zipped piece of cloth when not in use.

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Paypal mobile wallet service adds another 15 retailers


PayPal has picked up another fifteen retail partners for its upstart mobile wallet service and looks to be gathering momentum. First launched as part of a trial in 50 Home Depot locations earlier this year, the NFC-based initiative has been expanded to all 2,200 locations across the country.

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