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Google CEO talks Android, Nexus program, Apple, and more in rare interview

Google CEO Larry Page thinks that the Android team has done a pretty god job of keeping its partners happy. Considering this is one of the chief concerns for Google and Co., we’d hope for at least some success in this area.

In a lengthy, and rare, interview with Fortune, Larry Page sheds light on a few facets of the Android and mobile space. Topics range from monetizing Android to the Nexus program with a bit of ‘this and that’ sprinkled in for good measure. Oh, and there’s some talk of Apple.

Google CEO Larry Page Indirectly Confirms Nexus Tablet

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Google CEO Larry Page never came out and said that Google is working on a cheap Nexus tablet but today they all but confirmed it in their earnings report when he said this:

Did Steve Jobs Really Hate Android? Larry Page Thinks Not


CEO of Google, Larry Page, was actually a good friend of Steve Jobs, and looked up to him. Larry Page even thought of him as a mentor as he took on the roll of CEO of the search giant and needed advice. If all this is true then why did Steve Jobs hate Android so much? The fact is he didn’t or at least that is what Larry Page told Businessweek during an interview. Larry Page thought it was more of a show Jobs put on.

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