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Appstore Developer Select rewards developers who optimize apps for Kindle Fire line

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Amazon on Tuesday announced a new initiative which rewards developers who optimize Android apps for the Kindle Fire line of tablets. Known as the Appstore Developer Select program, incentives include credits in hosting services, tools for better discovery, and premium placement in Amazon’s Appstore. The benefits are expected to roll out by the holiday season however developers can already check to make sure their apps are ready to go.

Amazon Kindle Fire 2 will not be a 10 inch Kindle Fire

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Amazon will not be releasing a 10-inch Kindle Fire at next weeks launch event, they have stated that their Kindle Fire 2 (or whatever they call it) will be an improved 7-inch version of its original. Amazon will be releasing the next Kindle Fire with the same 7-inch form factor as the original with a possibly thinner form and improved specifications.

Will Amazon announce next Kindle Fire on September 6?


Our friends at AndroidGuys just received an email from Amazon inviting them to a September 6 press conference. Considering they’re known as an Android site and not just one that covers e-readers or general tech, their interest is piqued. Why would Amazon send them an invitation?

Presumed Kindle Fire successor hits FCC

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The follow-up to last year's Kindle Fire recently hit the FCC and should still be on tap for a fall debut. The findings, as picked up by the always-cool team at The Digital Reader, suggest that the screen size appears to be around 9.7-inches to 10.1-inches, right in line with previous rumors. Based on information in the documents, the tablet/e-reader should arrive in the next few months, something nearly everyone has long anticipated.

Amazon Working on a Smartphone?


We have heard many rumors till now about Amazon working on their own phone to compete with Android and iOS devices. If we have learned nothing else with Amazons release of the Kindle Fire we know that the company can push a product better than even Apple when it comes to economy and learning curve.

Google Nexus 7 vs. Amazon Kindle Fire (Compare)


The big question is should I get the Google Nexus 7 or the Amazon Kindle Fire? Both are low cost 7 inch tablet and both are big names in the industry geared towards content like reading books, magazines, watching movies and listening to music. Amazon easily has a head start being the first of its kind to the market and having a years worth of publicity and sales under its belt. Both having price point of around $199 which one should you choose?

Amazon to launch two Kindle tablets, both featuring metal casing and improved build


When Amazon launched the Kindle Fire, they actually made a big breakthrough in the tablet market, they actually brought a tablet with so much potential and a small price tag. And we all know that when we are talking about a device with so much potential and a balanced price tag, how can Google stay behind? With the launch of Google Nexus 7 yesterday, Google told Amazon that they are not behind, but do you think Amazon is going to sit quietly?

[DOWNLOAD] Fancy Having the Kindle Fire Silk Browser for your Android Device?

silkI can’t say this one particularly makes me want to jump for joy and go straight to the download link below however for Kindle Fire users that are maybe now used to the Silk browser and have another plain Android device this will come as great news.

XDA member TyHi has finally managed to create a working port of Silk, which can be used on other Android devices, phones or tablets.

So now to the nifty how do I get it and install it part….

  • Download the pack HERE
  • Use Root Explorer to copy the lib files to /system/lib set permissions the same as the others

[Video] Amazon Kindle Fire Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich ROM (Alpha)

kindleiceThe Kindle Fire may not see the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update for some time but developers have already got it running on the device. To get Ice Cream Sandwich on a $200 tablet is a dream come true although not ready for the public it is coming along nicely. There are problems with the audio and video feedback although everything else looks to be running quite well.

Kindle Fire receives update, rooted users beware

kindlefireSo we've got some good news and some bad news for Kindle Fire users: Amazon released their 6.2.1 software update for the Kindle Fire. Let's start with the good news.

With the update, you'll be able to remove recently used media (books, movies, and apps) from the carousel on the home screen. They've added the ability to require a password to toggle WiFi, and improved the scrolling. You can also remove the fake Facebook "app" which was really just an icon linking you to the mobile site, anyway. There are some other system level tweaks that improve performance.

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