Arcus Motion Analyzer – The Smart ring – Live on Kickstarter

arcus ring

Yesterday an important project has started to gather funds on Kickstarter. Arcus is a motion tracking device in the form of a fantastic looking ring, which highlights how far the motion tracking technology has come.

And why is it so important?

No more battery problems with TravelCard

travelcard battery charger

I am sure that once in a while everyone runs out of power on their smartphone. Sometimes it is not a huge problem, but usually it happens at the worst time. For instance, when you expect an important call, or having car trouble.

Good news, TravelCard solves this problem. It is an iPhone and Android charger with 98 hours of standby time. The battery provides approximately 5 hours talk time and 4,5 hours of internet usage with 1300 mAh.

Chameleon Launcher Update Announces Beta Release

chameleon launcher

Launchers have become a very big deal in the Android world because of the amount of customization and convenience that they give users. A Kickstarter project by the name Chameleon has been advertising itself as “a better home screen for your Android tablet”. This project asked for $30,000 in order to start their project up. As it turns out, with the help of 6,420 backers, Teknision (the group that is creating Chameleon) has raised twice that amount.

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