Who is more social? (Android vs. iOS)

android vs, a mobile monetization and distribution platform released a really interesting infographic. It is a comparison of the sociability aspects between the Android operating system and iOS. Lets see:

InstApp updated with additional features

InstApp logoHi InstAppers and HelloAndroid readers!

We are very excited to announce that our website, has been updated to include more features and more other options.

If you haven’t used InstApp before, here’s a little hint for you. InstApp is a DIY app-creation tool, which is open to everybody who wants to make a mobile app for their event or business. Or just for fun. If you want to invite guests to your birthday/wedding/conference/party in a unique way, or you’re considering a new marketing method for your business, what about making an app about it? Your guests and customers will love it!

Let me introduce InstApp’s new features!

A fun way for Android and iOS fans to settle their differences

logoThe Samsung vs Apple saga is calming down a little now but fans of the two platforms have a chance to fight for their platform in the new game Fruit vs Robot. This free game tallies the scores of users from both platforms on an online leaderboard, answering the question: who's more talented -- Fruit or Robot?

Facebook Employees Being Forced to Use Android App to Speed Up a Fix

facebook app

Facebook has been one of the worst when it comes to app development on any platform although the worst is Android. Facebook is now forcing its employees to use the Android mobile Facebook app in an effort to speed up the process of getting a fast, reliable app developed. Their iOS app was just updated yesterday and seems to at least be tolerable at the moment so it seems their focus is Android.

Simultaneous Gameloft launches on iOS and Android

ios android

Gameloft (one of the top developers of games for both iOS and Android) has tweeted that going forward they intend to release their games for both platforms at the same time.

Samsung Brings iTunes and iOS Syncing to Galaxy Devices

1Samsung has partnered with developer Mushroom Media to announce an application called Easy Phone Sync to those that own Galaxy tablets and smartphones. Easy Phone Sync is an application to allow phones to transfer content from their PC’s via USB as well as importing music and media from iTunes as well as messages and contacts from iOS. The Easy Phone Sync app is free and available on the Google Play Android Market for Galaxy devices.

iOS Didn't "Stomp Out" Android, And Both Platforms Are Doing Just Fine

1It's inevitable that, when a new version of iOS or Android gets released, the fanboys will come out of the woodwork to mourn the death of their beloved rival. In most cases, it's best to ignore them. However, in most cases, they also aren't the founder of a major tech publication. As such, it feels like Mr. Geller's premature funeral service for Android deserves its own bit of attention because, in the immortal words of Monty Python, Android isn't quite dead yet.

Because We May Sale Is Live, Grab 57 Different Android Games For At Least 50% Off Off Until June 1st

1Because We May, a group of game developers joined together to offer up their hard work at deeply discounted prices, has officially launched its sale in the Play Store. You'll be able to grab 57 different Android games for at least 50% off, including titles like:

Did Steve Jobs Really Hate Android? Larry Page Thinks Not


CEO of Google, Larry Page, was actually a good friend of Steve Jobs, and looked up to him. Larry Page even thought of him as a mentor as he took on the roll of CEO of the search giant and needed advice. If all this is true then why did Steve Jobs hate Android so much? The fact is he didn’t or at least that is what Larry Page told Businessweek during an interview. Larry Page thought it was more of a show Jobs put on.

iPhone Autocorrect Shuts Down West Hall Schools


In Oakwood GA a small town near Gainesville, West Hall Middle and High Schools were locked down yesterday after a text message was sent to the wrong person. The text message that was sent out said “Gunman be at West Hall this afternoon”. The text was not meant to say “Gunman” but “Gunna” and was corrected by the iPhone’s autocorrect.

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