Smartphone Wars in Developing Economies

The U.S was the perfect environment to develop smartphone technology and millions of consumers now carry around devices made by companies like Apple and Samsung.

The amazing popularity of smartphones and the high level of people who now own one in the U.S has almost reached saturation point and this has resulted in the world’s leading technology companies now looking to divert their attentions to developing economies, where demand is still growing rapidly.

As this Smartphone Wars infographic illustrates, the battle is well and truly on for the major manufacturers to stake their claim in the hearts and minds of people from economies where consumerism is taking off in a big way.

Bestselling mobile phones of the last 20 years

It might have taken up residency in a drawer or storage box in your office, but there is a fair chance that you were once the proud owner of a Nokia 1100 or perhaps a Nokia 3210.

When most people are asked to name the best-selling phone mobile phone for the last twenty years, there will be plenty of immediately assume that Apple would be top of the pile, but it is Nokia that wins the prize, by some margin.

Multiscreen World [Infographic]

Second screen

In today’s world, consumers don’t just watch television: they watch television while playing with their iPhones and catching up with the latest news on their iPads. It is becoming increasingly rare for one piece of media to be used exclusively without another by its side. In fact, most multi-screen users have been reported to consume at least 7 hours of screen media a day.

In-App Purchases Infographic

We just recieved a nice infographic on in-app purchases. I'm sure everybody has already met with this payment type. Some people can get along with it, some people hate it, but everybody has an opinion about in-app purchases. The infographic makes it clear that this is a huge business, and you can even find tips on how to avoid being scammed.

[Infographic] Smartphone revolution

smartphone revolutionOver the past few decades, the rise of cell phones and mobile devices have altered the way that we connect with others almost entirely. No longer are we tethered to a landline, as we are now capable of communication no matter where we are in the world. With billions of people now using their mobile phones to connect with others, it is clear that our means of communication have changed forever.

Flappy Bird infographic & download link

flappy birdWith the release of Flappy Bird it quickly became the most addictive and popular game of 2014 in just the first month. After a while the developer pulled it from the Google Play store due to it being more frustrating for users than he had intended. This being said there are still many people who want to be able to download and play Flappy Bird since its removal.

Infographic: The smartphone market in 2013

smartphone market share

IDC's Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker provides quarterly information about the current state of the smartphone market. The data from last year's fourth quarter just arrived, so is possible to take a look at the big picture. The following infographic shows the market share and shipments of the major smartphone operating systems of 2013.

Infographic: The evolution of Nexus devices

nexusGoogle’s first Nexus phone started out as a developer device, but through the years the lineup became more and more popular with the end-user market as well. Last year’s Nexus devices produced great sales figures, and the new generation is even more promising. To celebrate the arrival of the Nexus 5, this infographic shows the evolution of Google’s Nexus phones, from the beginning to the brand new handset.

Infographic: Android version history 2013

Google provides data about the relative number of devices running a given version of the Android platform month by month, and with the last piece of the puzzle arriving yesterday, we’re able to look at the big picture. Last year we saw the rise of the modern Android: while Froyo, Gingerbread and basically everything pre-4.0 started to decay (some died out almost completely), Jelly Bean was moving up fast, with an almost 50% growth year-over-year. This infographic visualizes the monthly changes in Android version distribution.

[Infographic] Smartphone Usage Statistics Highlight Its Importance In Our Lives

Have you ever been thinking about how important the smartphones are in our lives? How many people are using smartphones, how many applications are in the different stores we use, or what we had used before iOS and Android started their unstoppable rise?
Did you now that nowadays an average family spends $48 less on food, but $67 more on smartphone entertainment than before? Interesting, right? co-produced an infographic with Coupon Audit to share these insights with you. It will truly highlight the smartphones’ importance in our life through some well known and less known statistics.

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