Getting To Know Android 4.1, Part 1 - The Basics: Slide Unlock, Software Buttons, And New Icons

0The new version of Android is out, it's real, and yours truly has a (mostly) working copy.

The title may not rhyme anymore, but it's still home to the most in-depth look at the next version of Android on the internet. That's right, the world's most OCD changelog is here to point out every polished pixel of Android 4.1: Jelly Bean.

The usual GTKA caveats apply: This is beta code (the Jelly Bean preview from I/O, in fact) and subject to change. Plus I've got it running on a phone it isn't even meant to run on, so we won't be too hard on it. The good news is we aren't messing around with emulators this time. These are real screenshots from a real phone.

Facebook App Updated To Version 1.9.2 – Say Goodbye To Messenger And Camera Shortcuts

1You may remember the recent Facebook update that added two rather controversial app shortcuts on users' devices, with icons that had to be revised because they looked a little too similar to a couple of Android's stock icons.
If you found the added shortcuts to be redundant, confusing, or just plain useless, you're in luck - with the app's latest update, the shortcuts have been totally removed.

Generate android icons fast & easy

You have probably had some experience making different kind of icons for each and every density that exists. Let's say you want icons for your tabs, you would need ldpi, mdpi, hdpi, that's 3, multiply it by 2 beacuse of selected and unselected states, and multiply it again by how many tabs you want. Pretty much, huh?
Fortunately you don't have do to this anymore. We've found a website that does it without any problem.


All you have to do is to choose your image from your hard drive, and you can download your graphics immediately, thanks to this website http://www.androidicongenerator.net/

At the moment you can generate:

  • Menu icons
  • Status icons
  • Tab icons
  • Dialog icons
  • List view icons

Launcher icons are coming soon.

Happy icon generating!

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