Google considering selling Motorola handset division to Huawei, rumors indicate

motorolaIt has been better part of a year since Google announced its intent to acquire Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion. While we're still waiting for various governmental departments to officially approve the purchase, rumors have circulated as to what Google plans to do with the division. Did Google pick them up just to rope in a ton of (17,000!) patents and protection? Will they continue to let Motorola operate as a separate entity? Would they consider selling off to another hardware maker in the end? The answers to these questions are a little bit of 'yes'on all fronts.

Huawei to announce 2 new smartphones, one being world’s thinnest

In the latest from the madhouse, Huawei has announced two new phones: the Ascend P1 S and the Ascend P1. The unveiling will be happening at 8 AM PST. The Ascend P1S will be coming in at just 6.68 mm thin, making it the world's (currently) thinnest smartphone. The P1 will have all the same specs, but will come in a bit thicker, and will most likely be for LTE markets. Specs include:

Huawei Gearing Up for Their Best Handset Yet?

huaweiThere is nothing like being prepared and this is exactly what Huawei are being by sending our invites for an event on the 26th of February next year (2012).

If the date doesn’t ring any bells then let me throw three letters your way – MWC – that’s right, the event planned is just 1 day before the Mobile World Congress kick off next year.

According to the invite, the company will release their "smartest, fastest and most high-performing smartphone yet".

The past 2 handsets by Huawei were pretty good devices spec wise (vision and honor) so the next one should top those for sure.

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