Getting to Know Your Nook Tablet: An Extensive Look at the Features

Buying a brand new tablet is exciting. Complete access to your favorite shows, movies, books, magazines, and games is at your fingertips. Whether you are making the switch from another device or you’re using a tablet for the first time, you will find the new Nook to be filled with unending entertainment and easy-to-use features to make your tablet experience outstanding.

How to fix Google Play Store errors

google play error codes how to

Error codes are brilliant – they stop you from doing what you want whilst providing the least amount of information possible by just giving you a code or a number.

To stop you throwing your device against the wall in frustration, here’s how to fix the most possible error codes found when using the Google Play Store.

How to block ads on your Android device in 4 steps

Mobile advertising is growing, and it is growing fast. Marketers are looking for new ways to push advertisement to your mobile device. Mobile websites are getting invested with annoying banners, and even apps have obtrusive ads hampering your mobile experience. Protect your Android device from these obtrusive ads by installing Adblock Plus. The following four steps will guide you through the installation process.

App Distribution InfoGraphic

The guys at StartApp just made a really useful infographic about app distribution.

Earlier this year Nielsen, an American global information and measurement company, released data comparing US smartphone users’ app adoption and usage vs. last year. The report says that the average US smartphone owners now have 41 apps on their smartphones compare to 32 apps in 2011.
The Android app market has grown dramatically over the past few years and it now has over 550,000 apps.

[How To] Return To Stock Launcher After Using Another

launcherThe Android platform is famous for allowing its users to customise pretty much every aspect of their handset design wise and has more launchers than it knows what to do with.

If, like me, you get bored looking at the same old home screen layout all the time or even if you are one of those people who hates to use the manufacturers launcher such as those that come with Sense or Touchwiz then you will no doubt have changed yours at some point to Nova Launcher, ADW Launcher or even have gone all out and bought the fancy pants TSF Shell.

How to Program and Use Samsung TecTiles

tectilesTecTiles are small programmable NFC(Near Field Communication) tags that can be read using the NFC technology on your Samsung device through an application that can be found on the Google Play store. The main function of a TecTile is to program it to complete tasks on your device like turning on your Bluetooth, Wifi, or opening certain applications by simply touching your device to the tag.

Some TecTiles can be accessed simply by using the NFC technology on your enabled device although some require that you use the free application on the Android Market. If for any reason you set you phone on a TecTile and it cannot read it and complete the action it will let you know that the application is needed.

How to edit android phone music files tags.

1The android native music player doesn't support edit MP3 files tags. However some manufacture added that feature, for instance Sony Xperia S. Until now, I have been using my windows computer MP3tag editor. However now it’s not an issue. We can use a 3rd party free app on the Google play store for edit any music file tags.
iTag is one of the best and perfect free tool for edit MP3, M4a, Ogg, and Flac media files information’s. Apart from that, it can grab the album cover art. Unfortunately it’s not supported wav file format.

Having Trouble Rooting The Galaxy Nexus On Jelly Bean? Here's A Method That Works [How-To]

0After upgrading my Galaxy Nexus (GSM) to Jelly Bean last night (I know, I know, I'm a few days late), I unlocked its bootloader (the usual fastboot oem unlock) and commenced rooting, which I thought would only take a minute or two. However, after almost 2 hours of pushing, flashing, rebooting, and trying no less than 5 different root methods, I still didn't have root. Something must have changed under the hood, and no root method I was trying was working (even PaulOBrien's SuperBoot).

First Layar Tutorial

We introduced layar a few days ago (Introducing Layar), so now it's time to do something with it.

Topics covered:

  • Creating a new layar account
  • Creating and editing a new layer
  • Specifiing API endpoint
  • Prepare the database
  • Build a web service
  • Testing & Publishing the layer

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