Sensics Smart Goggles Android 4.0 Virtual Reality Helmet

gogglesThe Sensics SmartGoggles have flown under the radar of all but the most diehard of technology fans, but they are changing the game of how reality is perceived and analyzed. Sensics and Google have paired Sensics' industry-leading augmented reality technology, already in wide use with militaries around the world, with version 4.0 of Google's Android operating system.

The SmartGoggles Platform

Sensics is pairing with Google to offer an exciting new product not quite like anything on the market. A Sensics-based augmented reality platform has already powered enhanced vision for the military for years, but until now has been unavailable to the consumer. Running Android 4.0 with all the mobile communication that comes along with it, the SmartGoggles run a custom interface that can operate in transparent or fully immersive modes.

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