Android powers over 51% of smartphones, continues growing


Nielsen has published a report on U.S. smartphones and their operating system. Of course, Android is in the lead, running on 51.8% of all smartphones. iOS came in second with 34.8%, which is a 17.5% difference between the two. It's interesting that Android and iOS combined make up for over 85% of the entire smartphone market, as RIM and "others" come in at a cool 14%

Android is getting Bigger and BIGGER

Android is getting bigger in all possible ways.
As you may have heard, Android surpasses Apple's iPhone operating system for the number no. 2 spot in the States.

android surpasses osx

A few days ago, Google has announced their 100,000 app milestone for the Android Market. That's a lot of applications, and it only seems to be growing.

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