Google: Gingerbread leads all Android versions at 55.5% as Ice Cream Sandwich scratches surface

Android 4.0 has started to make a dent in the platform versions chart, but Gingerbread leads all.


Google Requires OEMs To Include The Stock Set Of UI Widgets In All Ice Cream Sandwich Devices, Developers Can Stop Skins From Messing With Their Apps

thumbWe are going to need some restraint and careful explanation for this one.
Google is making life a little easier for developers. Today a post on the official Android Developers Blog announced a new rule for OEMs that insist on skinning Ice Cream Sandwich: You must also include the unmodified ICS "Holo" Theme files. Regular users still have to deal with a skinned OS, but developers can opt out of the skinned parts for their app. Observe:

[Video] Google Sends Out A Big 'Happy Holidays' To The Entire Android Community

The Android team just pushed a video to the Nexus YouTube account wishing everyone in the Android community happy holidays. Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy, doesn't it?

Back at ya', Android Team!

Official Android 4.0 for Nexus S tested on I9023

I own a GT-I9023 Nexus S phone. Google officially released 4.0 for Nexus s, so I immediately started to install it manually.
I downloaded the update from Google and installed it following this steps:

  • Copy to the root of your internal storage
  • Switch off your Nexus S
  • Hold Volume Up and Power to reboot into the bootloader
  • Select “Recovery,” then press power button
  • Once the triangle with exclamation mark appears, press power button and volume up at the same time to enter recovery menu
  • Select “Apply update from /sdcard”

At first I tought everything is OK, but then I noticed there is "No service", the phone could not connect to the mobile network, so no phone calls or mobile net access was available.

Google+ App Update Brings New Features

The community recently received a glimpse into future Google+ updates via a recent post on the Google Blog.


Well now the Android app has just received an update. Here’s what the market says is new in this version:

Google Music’s Holiday Sale


Google Music has announced a great Holiday sale on par with their 10 Billion Apps sale:

Today’s Android Surprise from Google? Ninja Unboxing 3!!

ninjaEach of Google’s Nexus phones has had their very own Ninja Unboxing video – and this one doesn’t disappoint. This time they created an 8-bit video game for your gaming pleasure.

The Official Google Branded Nexus Tablet?

The Google Nexus phones have been the “pure Google” Android experience for Android fans always running the current Google Android OS. Currently if your looking for the same experience in an Android tablet you have only one choice and thats the Motorola Xoom. Google Chairman Eric Schmidt said to an Italian newspaper that the company plans to release some better competition to the iPad.

British Telecom Jumps On The Bandwagon, Sues Google Over Six Patents Allegedly Infringed By Android, Other Services

thumb1British Telecommunications plc (aka British Telecom, or BT) has joined the long list of litigants looking to catch Google on alleged patent infringement, filing a lawsuit with the US District Court for the District of Delaware claiming that Google infringed six of its patents with Android and other services.

Google’s Android Version of Siri in Project Majel


The fact that Google has had voice command applications before Siri was ever added to iOS has not changed the fact that people are intrigued by Apple’s Siri. With this in mind Google has started a project called “Project Majel” to leave Siri in the dust. Google’s Project Majel is named after Majel Roddenberry who was the voice of the Enterprise computer in Star Trek. Google expects their new virtual assistant to act like the Starship computer in a way that it will answer any question you have.

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