Why Don’t Nexus Devices have SD card Slots?


With the recent release of ASUS’s Google Nexus 7 many people are asking why Nexus devices don’t have expandable storage. Many people have theories about the lack of an SD card slot on the popular devices which was really never a huge issue until the Nexus 7. Many people think that its Google’s way of forcing its cloud services like Google Music and Google Drive on people although we can tell you thats not the case.

Google Listen Being Scrapped

google listen

Yesterday on the Google Official Blog the director of engineering, Max Ibel, announced several changes to Google products, which included the news that they are officially pulling the plug on the Google Listen application.

Google updates developer policies with eye on consumer satisfaction

Google more definitively spells out what is and isn't allowed within Android apps in Google Play.

android developer

Google has made some adjustments to their Android developer policies and has begun sending out notifications via email. If you're an Android developer yourself then chances are you might have seen this email by now.

Google+ Users Very Satisfied


Google+ has 250 million users, while that may seem like a lot, Facebook has 900 million. Just because you have more doesn’t mean you are better though. The results from the latest American Customer Satisfaction IndexE-Business Report show that Google+ is far better liked by the users, than Facebook is. Google+ is actually the highest ranked social networking site out there.

8GB Nexus 7 costs $184 to build

nexus 7

According to a recent teardown of the Nexus 7, the combined cost of the hardware components is $184, and with a selling price of $199 for the 8GB model this leaves Google $15 to pay for marketing, R&D and manufacturing costs.

Nexus Q gets torn down, some parts are in fact imported

nexus q

The Nexus Q was announced by Google recently, and some people are still trying to figure out why they want one. Well, for you hardware-centric readers out there, iFixIt has released their tear down of the device to show you what's inside. Google said that the Q is made in America, and some people are having a hard time believing that some parts are not in fact made in the USA.

Galaxy Nexus Pulled From Play Store, Google Confirms Why

galaxy nexus

If anyone tries buying a Google Galaxy Nexus from the Play Store today they will be met with the “coming soon” message displayed above. Google have explained why!

Samsung and Google working together on software fix to circumvent sales ban on Galaxy Nexus after ban lift denied

galaxy nexus

Anyone else around here sick and tired of hearing about these patent wars? Apple has really taken their reports of patent infringement to the next level, and Samsung has been the brunt of a lot of the attacks. Recently, there has been a sales ban of the Galaxy Nexus here in the states. Apple won their injunction and posted the needed bail, and now Samsung and Google are working together to fix up the software on the GNex so they can get sales rolling again.

Google Getting Rid of 5 “Obsolete” Products


To stay up to date and important in the world of technology where everything is a state of change calls for the continuous improvement and evolution if you will. We’ve seen some good and some bad products appear from the labs at Google. Google I/O 2012 will be remember for the launch of the Nexus 7, I’m sure, but there were also some big announcements on the software side of things too. Google have discontinued 30 products over the last year to try and provide a simpler and better user experience. So what will they be getting rid of next? Here’s a quick run down:

Google Turned The Nexus Q Into A Friggin' GLaDOS-Style Bot For Google I/O

1This is insane. Google. You've gone too far this time. Look, the Nexus Q was a cool idea. Social streaming? Yeah, I love it! Hooking it up to the Nexus 7? Great! Making it giant, placing it in the center of the I/O conference and giving it access to the deadly neurotoxin? MAYBE NOT YOUR BEST MOVE.

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