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Google+ Users Very Satisfied


Google+ has 250 million users, while that may seem like a lot, Facebook has 900 million. Just because you have more doesn’t mean you are better though. The results from the latest American Customer Satisfaction IndexE-Business Report show that Google+ is far better liked by the users, than Facebook is. Google+ is actually the highest ranked social networking site out there.

Google I/O day one roundup

Google pulled out all the stops on the first day of it’s I/O developers conference, with lots of cool announcements to please us technology enthusiasts. If like me you couldn’t be there, here’s a summary of what we missed…

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Future Google+ experience may include ‘Events’, ‘Local’ features

Hints of the yet-announced features have been found in latest release of Google+ for Android.

A pair of potential future features for Google+ have been found hiding in the code for the brand new Android application. According to a source close to The Verge, the 2.6 Android app had references to Events and Local features nestled right next to Photos, Circles and the other Google+ stuff you're familiar with. After digging through the code, The Verge was able to confirm the mentions.

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