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Google Apps customers get Google Play Private Channel

Google Apps users now have access to a private, custom Google Play experience, thanks to the introduction of Google Play Private Channel. Designed to help users distribute internal applications to employees and subordinates, it appears to fit right inside the normal Play Store.You can see from the example photo that it shows up on a handset or tablet in the same manner as featured apps or highlighted categories.

CyanogenMod’s Apollo Music Player Hits the Play Store

apolloCyanogenMod introduced us to CM9 which was based off of Ice Cream Sandwich, within CM9 they a few new tweaks they would put into their ROM’s. One of which was the Apollo music player. Which is a beautiful looking holo-themed music player for your device. It works on phones but isn’t yet optimized for tablets, and it’s now available in the Play Store. So you can download and install it without rooting or flashing a custom ROM.

Free trial periods come to Google Play subscriptions

google play subscription

Android developers will find that they have yet another tool at their disposal at it pertains to consumer satisfaction and potential revenue opportunities. Available now, consumers can now take advantage of trials of in-app subscriptions, should a developer feel so inclined to offer them.

Is Google’s new app policy just a bunch of lip service?


Remember early this month when Google advised they would be taking a more proactive approach to removing shoddy or spammy apps? Designed to keep the the Google Play Store a little cleaner and more user friendly, this was to be Google’s way of getting in the way of those apps that violate the new terms of service. Executed properly, it would go a long way toward user satisfaction and keep us from seeing look-alike apps or titles with intrusive ads.

Target, GameStop, RadioShack officially getting Google Play gift cards

google play gift card

The first retail outlets to receive Google Play Store gift cards are expected to be Target, GameStop, and RadioShack, according to Google. No longer a rumor, the pre-paid card option has gone live and is ready for your money.

Google Play gift cards look ready for retail

google play

One of the biggest complaints we’ve had for Google Play (Android Market) since its first days is that there is no gift card option. With other companies (iTunes, Amazon, Barnes & Noble) allowing consumers to pre-pay or add gift credits, the Google Play store just has a glaring hole.

Official Pinterest App Available on Google Play Store

pinterest appPinterest has finally released an official Android app. Pinterest is a very popular social network that has grown faster than any social platform in history and has finally joined the world of mobile apps. They have started to show off their mobile platform on Android and IOS. Pinterest relies on its users to pin items for their friends to share likes and dislikes in the form of a picture and small description. The mobile app has been long awaited and many have been impatiently waiting for quit some time.

The official Pinterest app for Android looks a lot like the Pinterest website and has been laid out very well for mobile devices. You can view your tiled homepage with all of your friends pins. A few of the features that you will notice is the fact that you can search for items you would like to pin, friends items to re-pin and comment on pins. A few other items you might be interested to hear is in the app is the ability to search for friends to follow.

Call Of Duty: Black Ops Zombies Now Available From Google Play, But Only For Some

call of duty

Today we see the highly anticipated Call Of Duty: Black Ops Zombies hit the Play Store. This is a direct spin off from the Xbox 360/PS3 game Call Of Duty: Black Ops. I’m sure many are glad to finally see the game available for Android…

Appreciate, the recommended app recommendation engine

appreciate appLet me introduce to you Appreciate (called Appreciate: Apps with friends in the Play Store). Appreciate is an app recommendation engine that gives users reasons for why they should download their next app. The basis on the recommendation comes from existing apps on the device, as well as apps that friends are using (Facebook connect). Many users have found Appreciate to be more effective than using the Google Play Store, and here's why:

Google I/O day one roundup

Google pulled out all the stops on the first day of it’s I/O developers conference, with lots of cool announcements to please us technology enthusiasts. If like me you couldn’t be there, here’s a summary of what we missed…

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