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Google releases new Maps API for Android developers

Google announced an update to the Google Maps API which gives developers a better, more comprehensive set of tools to integrate maps into Android apps. It will be easier than ever to insert vector-based maps into applications, according to Google.

Google Earth Gets Some Amazing New 3D Maps, Rubs It In Apple's Face Just A Bit

google earthYesterdays's Google Earth announcement brought a couple of nice new features to the Google Maps suite. In addition to moving offline maps out of Labs, the company also pre-empted rumors of Apple-branded 3D map software with a demo of some stellar 3D maps that Google has been creating with high-tech camera planes. Yes, Google now has camera planes.

Google Is Holding A Maps Event Just A Few Days Before WWDC, Could Be Big News For Google, Apple, And The Future Of Maps

1Google announced today that it will be holding a special event on Wednesday, June 6th, regarding the future of Google Maps. Anyone who knows Google knows that these products are huge for the company, ranking right up there with Gmail and Android. More importantly, however, Google Maps is very important to Google's largest competitor: Apple. Which is why, when Google announces an event for one of its last major strongholds on iOS mere days before Apple's WWDC, we take notice.

Google Maps Update Improves Battery Life


Google Maps has been updated to increase battery performance for latitude and location history users and a few bug fixes. Since Google Maps is the primary app that most users use for gps and other location services its nice to see these types of updates. While only a few updates to the app its always good to increase battery life and decrease its burn by even a little.

Google updates trio of their Android apps (Goggles, Maps, Google+)

googleGoogle has updated three of their Android applications today with Maps, Google+, and Google Goggles each getting new features. While Google Maps (6.0.1) is strictly made up of bug fixes and stability enhancements, Google Goggles and Google+ are a little more meaty.

Google Goggles (1.7) now allows for faster and improved results with better text recognition, and a new continuous mode. As is the case with typical features of Goggles the non-stop scanning works best with books, products, brands, and landmarks. It's worth noting that Continuous mode does not allow for search history nor does it offer translation of foreign text. For those you will need to revert to Snapshot mode.

Google Maps 6.0: Indoor Mapping

Google Maps just got a huge update. We're now up to 6.0, and tackling the final frontier of mapping. Google is no longer content to just drop you off at the door. Maps will now include *indoor* mapping and positioning in stores, malls, and airports. Wow.
Check out this before and after shot of the Mall of America:


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