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Insights from Google I/O 2013: How to Make Money from Android App Development

In comparison to iOS app, Android apps makes less money. Google may impress with its marketshare, but Apple is the leader when it comes to making money from apps. Google has been trying hard since a year and a half to create tools and systems to simplify the development and monetizing of Android apps. The Google Play Developer Console, launched in 2012, made the task of creating and publishing apps a little easier. But it was not enough.

Android lead: Google I/O “going to be different” this year.

Sundar Pinchai

Don’t look for any big new hardware or major releases in Android at Google I/O this week, it’s likely not going to happen. Google’s Sundar Pinchai, speaking with Wired, tells us that Google I/O is “going to be different” this year.

Jelly Bean is coming with CyanogenMod 10


When Jelly Bean (Android 4.1) was announced at Google I/O all we wanted to know was when we would get our hands on that buttery smoothness. The Galaxy Nexus phone will begin shipping with Jelly Bean next week (it addresses the universal search Apple patent that is currently preventing shipment in the US), with the Nexus 7 tablet also shipping with Jelly Bean the week after.

Google I/O day one roundup

Google pulled out all the stops on the first day of it’s I/O developers conference, with lots of cool announcements to please us technology enthusiasts. If like me you couldn’t be there, here’s a summary of what we missed…

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List of Android Sandbox attendees for Google I/O 2012


With Google I/O 2012 getting underway in just a few days time, we thought we'd take a look at the various companies expected to demonstrate apps and services in the Developer Sandbox. Rather than giving you a full rundown of all companies across every platform or project, we'll focus on the Android aspect.

Pinterest For Android Will Probably Be Announced At Google I/O

pinterestPinterest, everybody's favorite...umm...thing. That you share stuff on. By pinning things to...okay, look I don't really understand Pinterest. But some of you guys do and that's great! I love it when people enjoy things! It makes them happy! And soon, you can enjoy Pinterest on Android! And be happy! Then you can pin your happiness to something. I think.

Google I/O Schedule Is Now Live, Get A First Look At All The Cool Android (And Other Google) Session Topics

google_ioIn case the parade of trade shows and device announcements in the first half of the year aren't enough to keep you excited, Google I/O stands as the centerpiece of Android and Google hype. If you're just too eager to see what's going to happen late this June, then here's something to whet your appetite: The Google I/O schedule is now live at Google's developer site.

Google IO registration opened

If you plan to go to Google IO 2012 then you will want to get up nice and early!

googleio2012Just a friendly reminder for all of you Android developer types looking forward to the annual extravaganza known as Google IO. Registration for the 3-day event gets underway nice and early tomorrow (7AM PDT) and will likely end in around one hour's time. If the last few years are any indication then the level of interest for the 2012 conference will be off the charts.

Here's a quick, last-minute recap of what to expect and/or need for registration. You can head to Google IO's website for the full details.

Google I/O expands to three days, moves to June 27-29

Citing an "unexpected opportunity" Google announces a third day for the annual developer conference.

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