Christmas-themed update arrives for Sega’s Fallen Realms


Do you have what it takes to help Santa get his red suit back so he can deliver presents on Christmas? Sega's Fallen Realms has been updated to include a new campaign for Christmas which can help players earn new special in-game items. The turn-based combat game features mystic relics, weapons, magic, and touch-based controls and runs on Android devices with 2.1 or higher.

Episode 1 Of Duke Nukem 3D Free For The Next Two Days

thumbDuke Nukem 3D, the good ol'-fashioned 1991-style Android FPS, is quite the game: sure, the plot is focused on invasion by sex-crazed aliens, but as the developers themselves said in the app's Market description, "that's what makes it fun!"
And for the next two days, the game is completely free, down from $0.99! Of course, if you want to try out episodes 2 and 3, you'll still have to cough up an additional $0.99 a pop - but still, it's not a bad deal considering the game's rather impressive quality.

[Video] Gameloft Launches Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation

moderncombat3Its been some time since Gameloft announced the development of Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation and now its finally available on the Android Market. With this release they have actually attached a price of $6.99 instead of making it a fermium game which is the first step in the right direction.

[Press Release] Entertaining game classic now for Android smart phones and tablets design

reverse it

Gaming fun with Reverse It and its modern design and options

Cologne (Germany), December 20th 2011 – The classic game is released in the Android Market as a revised version as Reverse It by mobivention. Users of Android smart phones as well as Android tablet PC users can enjoy the new design and extended features.

Today’s Android Surprise from Google? Ninja Unboxing 3!!

ninjaEach of Google’s Nexus phones has had their very own Ninja Unboxing video – and this one doesn’t disappoint. This time they created an 8-bit video game for your gaming pleasure.

Disney's Pirates Of The Caribbean: Master Of The Seas Hits The Android Market, Finally Allowing Us To Plunder The High Seas From The Comfort Of Home

pirates_thumbYar Matey! Take to the high seas and plunder all in your path! Disney's new social game, Master of the Seas, promises to be "the first mobile game to combine deep story and brilliant graphics with compelling social gameplay."

[Video] Nothing To See Here - Just A Lizard Pet Playing Ant Crusher On An Android Phone. Really.

lizardThis message is brought to you by the Anti-Lizard Society who would like to remind all lizards that squashing virtual ants on their smartphones is a much better substitute for real-life violence and would like to donate a number of Android device to the annual Ant Squashing competition.

[Press] Backgammon Gold released for Android: The classic strategy game is now available for Android users

Cologne (Germany), December 12th, 2011 – mobivention presents their Android version of the classic game Backgammon for smartphones and tablets in a new modern design. Backgammon Gold is packed with several individualization opportunities and helpful functions. The app is available as free lite version or as a full version for $ 2.18 and can be downloaded in the Android Market.


How to backup your Angry Birds game data

To save your game files, you must have a rooted device and a rooted file manager.

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