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Fancy an $99 Android game console that’s hackable?

1Well, whether you do or you don’t, there’s one coming anyway named “Ouya” which intents to be a fairly affordable Android game console, that sits where the usual game consoles sit and that’s not in our hands.

The team consists of Yves Behar (who designed the Jawbone Jambox and the One Laptop Per Child), Ed Fries from XBox, Amol Sarva from Peek, Peter Pham from Color (the video streaming app), Muffi Ghadiali from Amazon Lab126 (the people who built the kindle). And, managing this is Julie Uhrman from IGN who is the CEO of “Ouya”

There’s also word on the device being totally “hackable” which means that you’re essentially getting a “dev kit” too. This wouldn’t make any difference to serious hackers anyway, as they’d just find a way to root the device, but it’s a big step that’s been removed.

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