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Tired of the Look of Your Galaxy Nexus Soft Keys? Now you can change them!

We all like a bit of theming don’t we? Well given how new the Galaxy Nexus is and with the developers out there braking all sorts of barriers to make things different it’s now the turn of the soft keys.


CM9 Alpha for Sprint Nexus S 4G now available


Holding true to Cyanogen’s tweet a few months ago and then the CyanogenMod blog update earlier this month, CM9 is starting to appear for more devices and Sprint’s Nexus S 4G now gets the CM9 treatment. XDA user burnsra has posted the usual CyanogenMod tracking thread for the Nexus S 4G, and it’s a doosy!

[Initial Impressions] The Galaxy Nexus Is Rocking My World

thumbFinally. It's real.
After all the rumored release dates, and Verizon's best efforts to sweep this phone under the carpet, the Galaxy Nexus for Verizon is real. It's real and I have one.
I picked it up on launch day at 8am, at a pretty busy Verizon store. I went on a long Ice Cream Sandwich bender, and now I'm here to report my first impressions.

Grand Theft Auto 3 now available on select Android devices

Grand Theft Auto III, or GTA 3 for short, is now available for you to purchase from the market. GTA is an extremely popular open world game full of violence.


How to Unlock the Galaxy Nexus Bootloader

nexusWith the release of the Galaxy Nexus today so are the instructions to unlock it’s bootloader. You don’t need to hack the bootloader to unlock it all you have to do is follow some rather simple instructions. The method below requires a Windows based PC and the Android SDK but should prove to be easy for almost anyone.

Keep Your 2G Phone Away From My Galaxy Nexus

OK, so I don’t have a Galaxy Nexus but this is what I would say if you were to put your 2G handset next to my Galaxy Nexus Handset.


Well it’s simple, well sort of… YouTube user Dann054 carried out a most unusual test that causes the Galaxy Nexus to flip out when in bootloader mode and when a 2G handset is placed to the side of it.

To be honest, nothing I can type describes what happens so sit back and enjoy the video.

Root The Galaxy Nexus with Superboot

User Paulobrien at XDA has published a thread on how to root the Galaxy Nexus using Superboot r2. What this will do is root your Galaxy Nexus without needing to flash any partitions.
Its a boot.img file that will run on bootup and install su and superuser apk without the need of ADB.

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