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Nexus Available From the Play Store


So a couple of days ago the Galaxy Nexus was removed from the Play Store following on from one of Apple’s many injunctions they have taken out recently. However from today the flagship Android phone is now once again available from the Play Store. Although the device can be purchased from the store the device won’t ship for 2-3 weeks.

Galaxy Nexus Pulled From Play Store, Google Confirms Why

galaxy nexus

If anyone tries buying a Google Galaxy Nexus from the Play Store today they will be met with the “coming soon” message displayed above. Google have explained why!

Samsung and Google working together on software fix to circumvent sales ban on Galaxy Nexus after ban lift denied

galaxy nexus

Anyone else around here sick and tired of hearing about these patent wars? Apple has really taken their reports of patent infringement to the next level, and Samsung has been the brunt of a lot of the attacks. Recently, there has been a sales ban of the Galaxy Nexus here in the states. Apple won their injunction and posted the needed bail, and now Samsung and Google are working together to fix up the software on the GNex so they can get sales rolling again.

Galaxy Nexus no longer available in US play store


The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is no longer available for sale in the US Google Play store following the preliminary injunction raising by Apple and the rejection of Samsung’s appeal to delay the ban.



On Friday a U.S. district judge granted Apple a preliminary injunction against one of the devices handed out at the Google I/O conference, Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus phone. The injunction alleged that the device infringed on several of its patents, and will prevent it from being sold in stores in the U.S. Last week an injunction was also granted preventing sale of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.

Having Trouble Rooting The Galaxy Nexus On Jelly Bean? Here's A Method That Works [How-To]

0After upgrading my Galaxy Nexus (GSM) to Jelly Bean last night (I know, I know, I'm a few days late), I unlocked its bootloader (the usual fastboot oem unlock) and commenced rooting, which I thought would only take a minute or two. However, after almost 2 hours of pushing, flashing, rebooting, and trying no less than 5 different root methods, I still didn't have root. Something must have changed under the hood, and no root method I was trying was working (even PaulOBrien's SuperBoot).

GSM Galaxy Nexus 4.1 System Dump Is Out! Modders: Start Your Engines.

jellybeanThis just in from Google I/O: A system dump of Jelly Bean from a GSM Galaxy Nexus. You can run over to RootzWiki right now and grab yourself a copy.

Somewhere, deep in this zip file, are all the goodies we saw today at I/O. Expect bits from this to be chopped, ported, and crammed into existing devices shortly.

Why can’t we see this commercial on television? [VIDEO]


Looking back to 2009 and 2010 we recall asking over and over for Google to run some ads on television hyping Android as a platform. Although it would have been out of the norm for Google to advertise on TV, we remember calling for them to give consumers just 30 seconds of awesome. In the early days of Android we felt this would have helped counter all the Apple ads in circulation.

[Holy Crap] Google Is Now Selling The GSM Galaxy Nexus Unlocked And Contract-Free For $399 On Google Play

thumbSo, it looks like Google is getting back into the smartphone selling game - the GSM Galaxy Nexus just showed up on the Play Store. What's even more interesting, is the fact that it's selling for $399, unlocked and completely contract free. Three-hundred-ninety-nine dollars. That's only $99 more than many of Verizon's subsidized phones!

Android 4.0.2 Rolling Out To The Galaxy Nexus


The Galaxy Nexus (GSM Version) is receiving a small update today that some already got. The update is rolling out via OTA and is a 8.8mb file. Granted this is not a big update nor an important one, but it will bring a few bug fixes and a fresh taste of a tasty treat.

If you have not received the OTA update yet just go into settings and check for the update manually.

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